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In Bed with the Cat's Pyjamas by Dick Dixon and Reine Mazoyer

Following the three earlier volumes of humorous (we hope) or philosophical (perhaps) poetry, it seems that 'In Bed with the Cats' Pyjamas' has arrived on our doorstep, miaowing plaintively for milk and cookies. Today's cats it seems have moved beyond the simple 'fish stage'. It was a sensible evolutionary move, attuning them more neatly with the 21st century, now that cookies are readily available. The poem having a similar name does refer to the wisdom of the bewhiskered ones, and also reveals the true reason why their pyjamas are always pink.

We have here a book containing 33 poems, mostly rhyming in the 'old style', about all manner of situations that can be encountered in today's, and also yesterday's decidedly strange life. It would not be fair to let the past escape our attention so easily, after all!  Each poem is accompanied by drawing in brilliant full colour by the well-known French artist Reine Mazoyer. These drawings really do lift the whole book into a new world of creation, as I'm sure you will agree.

Just for a few examples –  cats may have pink pyjamas, but do you know whether bees actually have knees?  We investigate, and invite you to join us. Have you heard of the vicar of Stiffkey, and of how he met his sad end at the hands, or perhaps paws, of a lion? Did you realise that you can safely lock up your vacuum cleaner and relax, instead of having to tackle awkward tasks, including the stairs of course.

All these, and many, many more urgent questions are addressed squarely, or perhaps roundly, on the nose. Solutions it is true are few, but hey – it was fun trying to find them!

We wish you a pleasant reading experience as you follow our  adventures into the odd world that is, or possibly was, or even will be – here with us.

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