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Rhymes for No Reason

Rhymes for no Reason' is a little book of poems suitable for anyone between 12 and 92. The poems, of which there are thirty or so, are intended to take your mind off the horrors of this world for a few moments and introduce a space in your day where you can unwind and be amused, rather than have to weep with the stress of modern existence! The subject matter ranges over many different areas and styles of poetry. You will be able to meet a tree which grows upside down, able to survive by drawing unsuspecting passers-by towards its dark web of branches, a lady who has a rather surprising encounter with a hot curry, another lady who winds up in a desert area of Spain cooking huge animals with the aid of handlebars... and many other rather unusual situations. You will find vegetarianism more attractive after this! Each poem is accompanied by a striking and rather beautiful illustration in full colour, which makes this book rather unusual I think. 'Rhymes for no Reason' would make the perfect present for the person who has everything else! By the way, for those who wish to polish up their French, there is at the back a translation of the essentials of each poem into French, thoughtfully provided by the illustrator, who is the French artist Reine Mazoyer.  We do hope you enjoy our book.

Rhymes for No Reason is available to buy directly from the author for £10 including postage & packing.

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