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The Elephant in the Other Room by Dick Dixon

Welcome yet again to our world of humorous ( or occasionally philosophical ) poetry. The current book - 'The Elephant in the Other Room' - is the sixth in a series that began with 'Rhymes for no Reason' and continued with 'Rhymes of the Newfangled Mariner', 'The Curse of the Square Crow', 'In Bed with the Cats' Pyjamas' and 'Tricked by the Kippers' Knickers. By the way, that apparently superfluous apostrophe in Kippers' in the last line is of course vitally important, as it is well known that two kippers can be accommodated within one pair of knickers. This is also quite a 'friendly neighbourhood' experience it is said.


We continue our ingrained habit of writing books such as these, in the belief (hanging by a thread at times) that there are still people 'out there' who appreciate such traditionally whimsical things, and that there is a cosy niche in which they can comfortably exist, even in our current society, beset with AI, GPS, Viagra, smartphones and social media etc - though not necessarily in that order!

In the present volume, various new subjects are taken up, including the dangers lurking in your garden, how to manage a spinning head, and of course - how to avoid problems if you are required to transport a large mirror to a lady with a black cat on Friday the 13th. The title poem 'The Elephant House' relates to a rarely encountered situation in which two 'elephants in the room' actually meet - or very nearly anyway. One thinks immediately of matter and antimatter I know, but there are differences, as you will see. Other 'matters of the day' include those of making the best use of time, in 'The March of Time', and naturally commiseration on your inability to reach a distant star composed mainly of diamond.

As usual, there are thirty-three poems in various styles in the book, each of which is illustrated in full colour by the excellent French artist Reine Mazoyer. Also, for those more familiar with French, there are 'French explanations' of the poems.

We really hope that you enjoy our latest 'bang up to date' book!

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